We help you get the COVID tax refund you may be owed


If your business experienced ANY of the following as a result of COVID, you may qualify for a tax refund:

¿Qué es el Crédito Fiscal por Retención de Empleados (ERTC)?


Cuatro sencillos pasos para reclamar su reembolso

1. Complete el Formulario de Precalificación

Cuéntenos un poco sobre su empresa completando nuestro formulario de precalificación.

2. Presente su Documentación

We'll ask you to provide some documentation from your business so our affiliated tax professionals can fully assess whether your business qualifies or not, calculate the refund amount you're owed, and prepare the documents you need to claim that refund.

3. Sign & Return Your Documents

We'll email or UPS the documents directly to you for your review. Once you've reviewed the documents, simply scan & email them to us or drop them in the mail using the pre-addressed, stamped envelope we provide.

4. Reciba su Reembolso en Efectivo

The government will review the documents and send a check for your refund amount. That's it - there's nothing more to do.


You’re protected when you work with us

Seguridad de Datos

Tomamos la seguridad de los datos muy en serio. Sus datos se cifran en tránsito y se almacenan en servidores cifrados con altos niveles de control de acceso.

Audit Protection*

Although unlikely, if an audit occurs, our affiliated CPAs and tax professionals will help defend the tax documents they prepare for you and have years of experience doing so.

Licensed Tax Professionals

Every filing is prepared by affiliated CPAs and tax professionals experienced in ERTC filings.